Guard Up Full Day Winter Break 
February 20th – 24th 9am-3pm (8:30-5pm Extended Day option available):

Following Guardian Adventure’s explorations of Native American culture, themes, and oral history, this week’s adventure mirrors events in our own country’s history. An old mine is discovered full of spell orbs, but something is in the woods and miners refuse to go inside. Legend tells of an ancient tribe of dwarves that owned the land. Could they still live there? Heroes of Wizards & Warriors and ZeeCorp Defenders have been contracted to investigate and clear out the mine. So bring your swords, blasters, and your friends! Full Day Adventures from 9am – 3pm. Extended Day option available from 8:30am-5pm. Pre-registration required at or call (781) 270-4800

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This adventure is set up for both our Zombie Campers and Wizards & Warriors campers to enjoy together no matter which themed hero they choose. Groups may be separated by theme based on the number of participants. Please indicate your preference in case of split programs when you register.