History and legend are full of the archetype of Tricksters. Beings of power given to mischief and chaos. What happens when a trickster invades the Nightlands and tries to take over? Can you survive the chaos and see past their tricks?

Join us for an over-night adventure from 6PM on Friday, April 14th through 8AM on Saturday, April 15th. Adventure will run up to 2am with social activities hosted after. Pickup as late as 8am on April 15th. Ages 13+. Register for the adventure at $99 to be picked up at 2am; or for the full event at $129 to be picked up at 2am.

At $99, this adventure makes the perfect gift for the teen hero in your household. Thursday, April 13th is the last day to register. Pre-registration required. More information on Guard Up events at guardup.com/category/events or call (781) 270-4800